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Everything has been updated as of now. Team Picks are open. We are doing this with Madden 10. Madden 11 has no online and it looks exactly like 10. I won't bother getting it.
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 UGM Rules and Epectations (Read and Agree)

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PostSubject: UGM Rules and Epectations (Read and Agree)   Fri May 28, 2010 9:44 am

Stay Active

If you own a team in the UGM, please stay active and check in on the site as much as you can. This way we can keep the league running smoothly and you can keep up-to-date on everything that is going on. If you will be absent for a while, please make a post in the vacation forum on the main page so we know you just haven’t quit the league or vanished off of the face of the Earth. Alright, this next part is important so pay attention. If you are not active for two weeks on the site (this means you haven’t logged in or responded to attempts of people trying to contact you) and haven’t notified anybody of you possibly leaving, you will be replaced.

Where and How to Set Up Games

The easiest way to set up a game with your opponent is to send them a private message or by using the Game Setup forum. Be specific when and tell them when you could play and ask them if that time would be good for them as well. It’s also pretty easy to set up games in the chat box, and it could possibly be done faster that way. If you don’t get a response from your opponent tell me and I will decide what to do with the inactive owner. If you cannot PM the person, try finding them in the chatbox.

What to Do After Games

After you have finished a game, please post the results in the Post Game forum. In this post you should include the teams and owners involved in the game, and the score and outcome. You do not have to post any stats if you don’t want to, but you can if you feel like it. Also, both players in the game should post these things so we can ensure that they are the same for both people. However, only one person should make an actual post. The other should just reply to the other owners post. To make things easier the home-team of the game should make the post and the away-team should make the reply.

UnderGround Madden Season Rules

1. Use good sportsmanship and respect your opponent. Do not falsely accuse somebody of cheesing, cheating or glitching.

2. No disconnecting or quitting on purpose, cheesing, cheating or using glitches. You will receive a loss and could be banned if you are caught doing any of these things.

3. Give time for people to set up their depth charts, substitutions, and audibles at the beginning of the game. You will also receive as much time as you need to change what you want to.

4. No milking the clock before the 4th quarter. We want to ensure that games remain as competitive and fun as possible.

5. If you are a new owner and you take over a team there will be NO REPLAYS. This also applies to replaying a team that is on your schedule that has a new owner, it is not allowed. You get the record you are given with your team. New Addition!: Once a game is played, that game can NEVER be replayed. Even if both Team GMs agree to a replay, once you post in the Post Game forum, the results are PERMANENT! If you have a dispute about the game results, please post it in that topic less than 24 hours after the results were initially posted and I will address it.

6. If you are both disconnected during the game you can either start the game over again, or you can play on from the spot that you were disconnected. The decision is up to the owners involved in the game. If neither owner can come to a decision on this, I will help decide the matter.

7. The penalties that are to be accepted or declined MUST BE determined by the two team owners prior to the game.

8. If there is lag during a game, either owner has the right friendly quit and start the game over. The friendly quit must be sent in the 1st quarter. Don’t wait until the end of the game and then claim that the game was lagging because it could just be means to replay a game you lost, rather do it as soon as you can. If possible go into the chat box and announce that the game you are playing is lagging, even if the opposing owner is not in the box at the time. Please be truthful about this.

9. If you break for an open TD run, just run to the endzone. Don't run across the goal line unless it is in the FINAL minute of the 4TH quarter. It is optional if you want to or not.

Post Game Instructions

Post your game results in the "Post Game" section. There is a section designated for each week of the season. Post your game results in the correct Week. Once you do that, the standings will be updated for your team's record as soon as possible. Only thing you need to post for results is the score. Stats are optional.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. If you are a Team Owner, please post below saying you agree to the League Expectations.


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UGM Rules and Epectations (Read and Agree)
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